The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Lacking in the Motivation Department

Since I have been out of school I have come to realize that I am lacking my dose of motivation.  I have no interest in volunteering for the better and no interest to do anything I don't want to do.  I push it aside and wait for another day.

I really need to stop waiting.  I really thought that when I graduated and got that expensive degree, I would be doing something with my life.  Going somewhere where I can be proud of myself and let others know what I'm doing without feeling like a failure.  Am I letting others label me by labeling myself?  I'm really sick of my lack in the motivation department. 

I usually am super motivated.  I'm a self motivator and now it just seems like all of that has gone away for some reason.  Maybe I feel that my opportunities were when I was still in school and now that I'm done with school there's nothing left for me to do or look forward to other than work (which is kind of how I feel).

I want my life to be stress free and mainly concerning money.  I spend what I want and save what I need, not enough to get where I want.  I really need to start budgeting and changing myself for the better.  I really am a person who wants to better myself in all aspects and that's why I feel that I'm such an open-minded person.

The things that I wanted to do when I was done with school has not even started, my lists that I made has not been checked off, and I have not even updated my lists of assignments for myself.  How will I get things done if I won't even put those to-do lists together???

I was hoping one of these days I would get a break some how and all of a sudden get a large amount of income.  See how I didn't say a large amount of money from the lottery or something?  I'm being more realistic. I want to be able to work for that money, do something with what I enjoy and am good at and obtain money for my ability to work. 

I still need to find a way to motivate myself in doing these things, in getting all my goals done and checking off those boxes on my to-do list. 

What are some of your ways to keep you motivated, or motivate yourself to be motivated??? lol sounds so funny when you write it down but it makes perfect sense to me.

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