The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
Me Being at My Best, ME!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Marketing Again

So, I'm standing, sitting, standing, sitting, and standing here at the market. It's crazy, I'm so tired from waking up early all week long, I know I shouldn't be complaining when there are far worse situations, but this is what I'm use to so I complain about things that are big to me, it's nature to do that. Plus I'm hungry and missing the BF. I want to tell him about my dream that I had last night at my sister's new apartment. For some reason I was so tired and my body felt super heavy, it was difficult to move, maybe it's because I was so tired and the lack of sleep that I have been getting. It kind of scared me too, LOL! But I don't know I don't think it's anything abnormal. I would tell you my strange/scary dream but it's not appropriate.

Back to the market, it's cloudy and windy, not hot for those who are wearing jeans and a T, and not cold for those who are wearing shorts and a tank. The clouds are dark, seems like it might rain on us, which I hope will not happen, my feet will be wet and so will my pants. Then I'll feel cold because of the wind. Maybe God will be good to us and not make it rain, although he always is.

My mother's bouquets are so gorgeous, yet no one has even glaced twice at them, the only ones in "awww" are the humans selling anything. They come from the other side and ask my mother where she ordered them and what they're called, she's so sweet she shares it with the world and then the next summer everyone's got them too! That's how it goes down here/up here, lol (depending where you are to me). For now I will put my pen down and hlep my mother...


Ok, now it's super windy..... not good...

(so I wrote all of this on my little notepad in my purse when I was bored at the market, but it didn't rain, the weather was off and on.. hot and windy and then just hot and humid.. so strange, I hope you guys liked this little complaint whatever you call it, lol)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Watching Him Work

So, I'm super-di-duper excited!!!!! I'll be going out of town July 4th weekend to watch my BF play Flag Football, it'll be so fun and exciting!!! I can't wait to go! I can't wait to see him, it hasn't been that long since the last time I saw him, but since we live like 4-5 hours away, I'm so excited. He's been playing for a couple years now and I've never seen him play before, so I'm super excited to go watch him work and sweat... OooOoOO wEeEEeeEEe!!!! lol I seriously can't wait to be on the sidelines and cheer him on, I know he'll like that, it'll keep him pumpin and grindin.. lmao no it's just gonna keep him motivated because his chick-a-dee is watchin him. Just thinking about it makes me smile!!! I'm sure we'll be going out Saturday night (with some friends that I will be going with and my bf's sisters), so I will be sure to post pictures up for that!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not Sure

I'm so indecisive, not about a specific topic but just in general. This morning I woke up thinking that I should look nice today, and then I was thinking it's so hot I don't want to sweat and look nasty. So, I decided I would be wearing something along the lines of casual, but I had such a difficult time trying to decide what to wear. I went from a Capri to jeans, then from a tank top and a cardigan, to a tank top and a flowy shirt. It took me forever, and I just didn't feel like wearing anything, lol. But I had to put something on quick and get something in my stomach before going out the door to work.

Just those little things bother me sometimes, and if I don't pick a nice outfit for the day, throughout the whole day I'm just a little crabby and always so self-conscious. I hate that, but then again in the morning I feel so tired and crappy, that is why I don't dress up all the time. I only feel up to dressing up and looking decent when I'm upbeat and feeling good.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

YouTube & Twitter

So, EVERYONE is on YouTube and Twitter, or just about everyone. I like the whole concept of both, that's why I have both! I'm loving it, but I don't use twitter too much because I have no one to tweet to nor do I tweet much on there, why? Because I have no one to tweet to, lol. YouTube is another story, I make videos like makeup gurus you see on there. Except I don't get many views, I do have subscribers, which keeps me going, because that means that at least someone is watching. No one really comments, not sure why, maybe they just don't have anything to say, lol. Sometimes I don't post even though I loved the video. I wouldn't say I'm the best at makeup, but I do love it, it's so fun and I love the turnout. Doing makeup on others is fun too, but it's more difficult because their lids are different than mine. Some girls don't like dark makeup, some don't like bright colors, so you would have to accommodate of course. But makeup is a must for me, not everyday, but to have. I always have to find a reason to stroll along that aisle just to browse, and then I find something and I'm all like, I shouldn't but I must, lol. I've gotten better, but I admit I have a makeup obsession, and purses, and shoes, and clothes.. LOL! :D

If you're interested in my twitter and youtube, I'll post them below!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Talent Elsewhere...

Looking through several blogs I see that mine is pretty much pointless. Why did I create it anyways? lol Seeing that everyone's is because of a talent that they want to share or an event that they want documented to better them and to share with the world. Here I am documenting whatever random things that come to my mind and that I want to blog and share or showoff. Wondering if this is lame or if anyone will even care because there wont be anyone reading it besides me. The BF doesn't know what this stuff is and would never come on to read what I have to say because he doesn't even have internet, so my audience would be the author. How sad and depressing, thinking about my talents, I can't think of any. Sure I do makeup and nails, but I'm nothing compared to others. Sure I like to write, nothing compared to others. Not much to share here, maybe I'll just go take a nap for a long time until I dream of something that I'm talented at and then come back to share it with the world.

Girl's Night Out

So it was this past Saturday night, but I still want to share. It was a blast with a little drama here and there, but none-the-less I had a great time! I went with my two older sisters. We met up with some unexpected people, but it was crazy fun. We also met a neighbor of ours from a long time ago, he looked so different! I love it that you meet people you haven't seen in so long and become great friends again. It's like it was made to be that way, you were made to reconnect, lol. Not sure about him, he didn't even remember me, but that was a long time ago and I was so young, I was like 9-10 and he was like 15. He had the biggest crush on my sister, whom everyone thinks is my twin.

So? Do we look like twins? lol

I had a blast, and am wanting to go back this Saturday but we will see.... It's only once in a long time that I get to get dressed sexy and feel crazy and wild, lol.

Me showing off my outfit in my sister's small kitchen.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farmer's Market GOODIES

My mom's goodies and a neighbor's really nice flowers had me obsessing all day, I had fun and I loved the fresh air I was getting. It's always so nice to be around people who engage themselves with fresh veggies and it's so sweet that so many people show up to come buy local grown veggies! I'm super glad that my mom does garden (tons of it) so we get veggies during the Summer. That means we save money because we don't have to go grocery shopping constantly, our garden is our grocery store for the Summer.

I admit, I get lazy at times and don't want to pick veggies, pull weeds, and roast in the hot sun, but I think it's soothing to do garden. You think a lot while you're out there with nature, watching wonderful things grow right in front of you. You think a lot about anything and I tend to drift off into fantasy land, where I don't have to do garden, LOL!!

Our Strawberries....

Sweet Sugar Ann!!!

My mom's lilies...


Not sure what this one's called.

Our neighbor's flowers



So, I did a lot today! So I want to share with the world what I did, but it's so early and I don't have much time to post up pictures and write what has been going throughout the wonderful day, so I'm only updating the world about what is coming your way!! So I went to the Farmer's Market, that was so fun and exciting! Then went out to dinner with my sister and got ready for a girl's night out! Pictures to come, if they aren't too blury!!! We went to the bar with a dance floor and met up with some of my sister's co-workers and friends. It was great meeting them, they were really funny and sweet for buying me a yagger bomber (however you spell it). I had fun dancing though and tomorrow will be great because I get to sleep in for once, and I have an outing with my sister!!! Details to come!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Ok, so I'm not sure about this whole blogging thing, you might call me stupid for this, but I'm thinking it's just something that everyone asks, that's besides the point, but I'm trying to get started and I can't because I don't really know what to do. All I know is that I can type on here and it will post, I don't know how to find other people's blogs, which is something that I want to do.. Even though I don't have internet at home, I would like to see/read blogs when I can. So how will people find me? How can I find others? I'm going crazy browsing in the wrong places for something that usually is so simple on other websites.. Did I come to the wrong blog website?


Oh My Goodness! I'm so excited! So far the day has started good, woke up with a smile on my face, or more like a pout because I had to wake up, but once I got up, I decided it would be a great and wondrous day! Came to work and was surfing the net, found some awesome websites for plus size models and plus size women! If you are interested, here are the links:

And then I started to think about blogging, and I decided that I would love to do it. I like writing, but I don't like writing assignments, lol! I'm sure that goes for everyone!! Righttt?
So I read a little about blogging and decided it would be a good idea, why?

-It would help me become a better typist
-Update me on things that are new
-Meet new people
-Further my spelling skills, speaking skills, and skills in general
-Write more about me and so in the future I can go back and read what has happened in my EXCITING life, (not really (about the exciting part))
-Help my YouTube channel
-Make friends

-Mean people write mean things
-Hurt my feelings
-Stalkers (not that anyone would)
-I don't know how to use it
-I never update it and just stop doing it
-I get too addicted

I don't know, looks like they kind of weigh out the same, so I've decided to do it anyways, it'll be super good to know how to use if I ever work somewhere where they want to use blogger and other websites like this!! YAY for me and my experiences..

I hope that people read this, It's my first blog page/website, and I'm super excited, kinda like I was for my YouTube and still am, but not much there.. Oh wells, something new for me to learn and experience, I'm SO EXCITED!!!