The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hi, Time Flies

WOW! Can you believe it? It's been a year, a month shy! 

I remember feeling like I did in my last post, but there are new conflicts and new feelings and emotions that soon came about after this, my grandpa's passing and the end of my relationship with a man that I loved so dearly. 

I have moved out of state, and by saying that it sounds like I flew across the states to some great place! lol I drove to my new place with the help of my family!  It's next to the previous state I lived in.  So far I love it.  At times I can get emotionally depressed, knowing that I have to create a new life here for myself. 

Meeting new people and making friends isn't always a positive thing.  When you're an adult it can be difficult to accomplish, stressful, or is it because I'm a female and I'm thinking too much?

Most women get offensive, they want to know why you want to be their friend, why are you asking questions, who do you know that I know?  But the truth is, I just want someone to talk to, hang with, shop with!

Why is it so difficult for adults to be vulnerable some times? We as adults want to be portrayed as strong and independent; I feel by letting our guard down we can let someone in to hurt us. This may be one of several reasons why people find it so difficult to make new friends.

I find that people aren't really willing to let me in as a friend.  I am pretty open, I think! lol

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