The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Zealand Wonders

Just like the weather I have been having A LOT of mood swings. I'm happy, sad, depressed, glad, crying, pouting, and bored all day long. The weather is windy, sunny, hot, raining, pouring, chilly all day long too.

Being here is great, but I miss home a lot. I find myself doing really dumb things like dancing in my room for hours each day (although it's great exercise). I find myself getting dressed up and doing my makeup and STAYING INSIDE ALL DAY. I find myself taking photos of my food, myself, eating. I never take pictures, now it's all I do. (I'll post some of these ridiculous pictures up though)

Like I have to document my life so that I can remember my mood swings. So that others can see how miserable it is right now that I have no one to talk to, PHYSICALLY talk to.

I just cannot wait for people to be here, for me to have something to do other than browse the internet all day long and marvel over my makeup and hair (not that I do that all day long).

I think I'm going insane. Being in this room all day long is making me wonder about so many different things, and every noise I hear, I think someone's coming in the flat or is already in (not sure why) I'm not paranoid or scared, but for some reason I keep thinking that.

I must be crazy, that's the only solution, lol.


  1. It will get better when school starts and you have people around. It will. It sucks to move to a new country and be all alone. It sucks hard, actually, so don't feel bad or weird about what you are feeling. I was feeling the same way recently.

    I probably seem super stalkerish since I just found you via youtube, but your NZ video felt like something I could have made myself. So I guess I know what you are feeling and wanted to say that it's okay and if you ever want to chat with a friendly stranger/American I'm available. ;)

  2. No way are you stalkerish, lol! I'm so happy to have met you even though it's just online! It's so cool that you found me and I love it that you're being so sweet and trying to help me out! I really need this confidence!

    Now that school has started it has gotten a lot better, it's just that I have problems within the classrooms, it'll be a challenge, but I'm up for it!