The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Stressing AGAIN

I'm so stressed... and yet I'm shopping online. LMAO

I'm looking for Skinny Dip'n in Lake Michigan by OPI. That's the only color that I want from them and I can't find it other than on ebay which is overpriced. LAME!!!

Anyways, classes are starting soon and I want to add a couple and drop one. I just recently found that you could get a event planning and management certificate from my university. I would love that for PR work!! That way I can have evidence that I am certified or that I took courses to plan events! So exciting!! Even though I already have done things like this and have succeeded, it would be nice to put on my resume.

The only thing is that the classes are not available, not sure why either, so I had to email the professor and she's taking a while to write back which doesn't really help me since I don't have the internet at home and I have to find out when I have to pick up my books and I'm just so worried that I won't get those classes to get the certificate because I graduate after this school year. WHEW! That was a mouthful in my head.

Wish me luck people!

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