The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
Me Being at My Best, ME!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Famous Me

So I was in the newspaper this past Sunday. Why? Well I was helping out my mom at the Farmer's Market and they wanted to do an inside story for the newspaper, the manager who runs the market gave a couple of names as to who would be helpful and have been at the market for several years. It was my mom and my aunt, it was nice seeing them featured in the newspaper, I'm so happy! I'm sure they were so proud of themselves too! I was in there just a little bit, the reporter quoted me here and there, nothing too special, but they also mentioned my school. Because my school was mentioned, anything that has my school name comes onto our campus, and now just about all the staff and faculty know that I was in the Leader Telegram. So a couple people stopped me here and there to ask about it and was saying I was famous, I'm not, it didn't even feature me in the story, but it is nice to get a little press here and there. :D I'm all smiles!

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