The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

How We've All Changed

I am 22 years old now, soon to be 23 next month.

From the time I was 21 and now there were many differences.

From the time I was 18 and now there were even more differences.

When I was 16, I was still adventuring.

13, when I first became a teenager, I felt so young.

I remember thinking wow, I can never go back to living in the one digits when I turned 10. I felt so strange and yet nothing really happened when I turned 10.

I can't believe how fast everything is going. My childhood is only a memory now. I would love to sit and watch all of my childhood memories in videos and in pictures.

I wish my parents would have developed my high school graduation pictures so I could have that on hand. They are so forgetful.

It makes me so sad that I am growing old and getting wrinkles. What have I done?

I am someone who used to be so happy, I still am, but for some stupid reason I like to down myself in sorrow. I say I like to, because I do it so often, so I must like to do it right?

Wishing I was young again, wishing I didn't have responsibilities. Wishing I didn't need anyone else to rely on or that no one needed to rely on me.

Who am I God? I have changed in so many ways, I would like to say that it's for the better, but I really don't know. Have I made a difference in someone's life?

Who are the people around me. I've heard before that your friends are a mirror image of you. Is that true?

I can't believe how much I've changed and yet I think I haven't changed at all.

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