The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Yells of the Thunderstorm

The sky is upset today.  I woke up feeling sad, thinking the sky was going to be blue and grey.  I didn't actually get to walk outside until 11 am because I wanted to sleep in.  Once I got out into the world of shouting voices from advertisements and media I realized that it wasn't all that bad.  I felt good, the wind was blowing in my long black hair and it made me feel at ease.  I walked to a few different places to run errands and came back outside to feel the light sun rays on my skin.  I did make sure to put some spf on my face in case there were any sunlight.  I walked all over campus and found myself loving the weather.  Going to class then to work, from one job location to another location.  Finally when I was ready to head to my place, I was able to walk in the nice cool air again to breath the freshness of mother nature.  The sun was going down and the clouds were gathering, it was as if they were whispering to one another.  I could hear their whispers and realized that they were not happy with us today.  I quickly climbed the steps to my place.  After a few hours of doing homework and procrastinating, the yells from the thunderstorm starting blazing from outside my window.  I knew that the clouds were whispering of something earlier and so here came the yells.  Thunderstorms were yelling so loud that my window would rattle in despair.  I put on my headphones and ignored its roars, yet the yells got louder and louder.  What shall I yell back, I thought.  Only the sorrow and pain can be heard from the sky.  The tears that our human race weeps on a day to day basis only fills the lakes and rivers.  Must we cry to be heard?  How can my words get as loud as the thundering yells of the wind and sky?  To make a difference today that will stand here tomorrow?  For now, I'll just dream about it.....

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