The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Monday, January 23, 2012

What is the Definition of Success?

Sometimes you feel like a complete failure. Look at what you do from a day to day basis, you look at what you eat, what you lack, what you wish you could do and think to yourself why am I so lazy, mean, dumb, fat, or a failure?

When you feel this way, you think, what do others see me as? Successful? but why? I'm not rich, I don't have a business or have a career.

What is the definition of success? I don't feel it, why do people think I'm successful? (this is in terms for myself to think of and for everyone reading)

I just think to myself, why do I need to think of what other's definition of success is for me to feel successful? Why can't I come up with my own definition and feel that sense of pride in succeeding.

I may say successful is something dumb like waking up every morning, doing some walking, and getting out of the house, but that defeats my whole purpose of this blog.

Why do we define our ways into other people's definition? That ticks me off! I can be happy while I'm fat, I can be healthy while being overweight. I can be successful in my own eyes even if not in yours.

One other topic I wanted to speak of, the fact that we judge ourselves based on others. Oh I am successful because I did this and all my friends never did. WHY?? Why do we do this to ourselves? We don't like it when our friends do it to us, why should we do it to them? OF COURSE I'm guilty of this too, but realizing it and changing the fact is something else.

Change your definitions and realize what you want what your success story is. Define it and keep it consistent, whether others know your definition or not, it doesn't matter because you can feel it and you know!

I once heard something, I forget what it's for, but it goes something like, a good deed is only a good deed if it goes unnoticed or without you bragging about it. I don't know what, but I totally agree! But it's hard not to speak of your greatness when there is so much badness that you see in yourself all other days.

Stick to it, keep your chin high, don't look down on others and don't look down on yourself. You are what you think you are, not what you eat!

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