The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Kiwi Family

For Spring break I had the best time EVER in Auckland!!!!!!

Went to visit a friend I met on YouTube! She is so sweet, check her channel out!

It was a great experience, from someone who knew the city, it was really nice to visit the places I did and see the things I did. It was such a great experience, I had so much fun and made such good friends! Can't wait to see them again, whenever that is!

They were like my family, it was so nice to stay at their place, and they fed me so well too! Everyone was so loving, the cats even! lol

Sonya's family was so sweet and so was she! The most nice and loving person in NZ! I felt at home and at ease in Auckland, not sure why I don't like Dunedin as much, but I'm so glad I went to Auckland! Loving the city life more than ever!!

I truly felt like I was in the states, just a different city! lol

I'll post some pictures of our fun!!! It was AMAZING!

Sky City

The Best Kebab EVER (first and only one I've had)

The gorgeous beach we went to


  1. aw this is such a sweet post,it was a pleasure having you darl you were more than lovely and so adaptable to my crazy family =)lol glad we could share in your experience in our city =) xxxo..

  2. lol well I'm glad you and your family let me come over, it was such a weird thing to happen, but I'm so glad it did happen and I'm thankful that all went so well!!