The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Power Of Red Lips

I have this great idea!!!!!! I'm so frick'n excited about it too!!

So I have a lot of sisters, and I want to get them something from NZ, so last night I was thinking about something that isn't so expensive and they would like. Something that is meaningful, so that when they look at it they know that it's from me and smile! I don't know what to get them, and every women likes makeup! So I have decided to get my sisters red lipsticks! I will have to buy them all the same lipstick from a NZ brand so that it'll be somewhat special.

Not only is it just a red lipstick, there is a great reason behind it. When you wear red lipstick you have to be confident, you have to be bold, and my sisters are so confident and bold, they may not think they are, but they are!!! This lipstick will bring confidence, I want them to wear it when they feel confident and I want them to wear it when they don't feel confident to knock that low self-esteem off!!! When you're having a sad day, put it on and brighten up the mood! People will compliment you and that will make things better, when you look good, you feel good, vice versa!

This has great meaning and I hope they follow it! And if you would like, do that to your friends and sisters, it's a great reason to wear red lipstick! The power of red lips is so powerful, you turn heads and stick out from the crowd! It makes you feel good, something that you don't feel when you don't have it on!

Now I just have to go find a NZ brand that is affordable so I can buy several, and it has to be a bold red too!!! I'll have fun doing that, that's for sure!!!

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  1. I FAILED! the lipsticks here in NZ are way too expensive, AND there aren't many NZ cosmetic companies, most of them are just face products to help your skin... but I will for sure get them red lipsticks when I go home!