The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Golden Rule

"Do onto others what you want done onto you"

Don't I deserve to be treated good? They say do onto others as you want done onto u, but I have yet to receive the good that I have passed on.

I feel that I am usually always following that rule and not getting the respect and care that I have done onto others.

I find myself crying all the time because I feel so unappreciated. I feel others use me because of this Golden Rule, because I want to be good.

Please don't make me a bad person because of this.

I just find myself lost, wondering when people will turn around and realize that I have been there for them and that I too need help.

I fall and fall again, and the only soul that knows besides God and I, is the bf.

He sees me fall, cry, wail and know my pain. He gets upset, frustrated, and angry due to my lack of telling others or letting them walk all over me.

But what can I do? They are family, they are friends. Whom I love and care about. Those family and friends will know sooner or later.

I just hope that I can stay calm and innocent until they do realize it.


  1. I know how you feel, but it's best not to let others walk over you as if you don't even matter. It is your responsibility and right to shout out loud that you are worth more than how they treat you. What I mean is that you have stand up for yourself. This is My personal golden rule: "Do Unto Others As You Would Like Done Onto You, Until They Do You Wrong." Of course we're always going to love our family and friends even though they might sometimes treat us unfairly. But don't sell yourself short of what you deserve. If they treat you unfairly, move on to the next person who will treat you better. The unfair person will soon realize they just lost a wonderful person. Well, not really lose if they're family, but they'll realize what great of a friend/family you've been. They'll come around, and this time they'll treat you right. I hope all is well, and don't ever lose touch of your self worth. Trust me, it's much more than what others lead you to believe.

  2. Thank you!!! It's so silly because if I read this about someone else I would have said and thought the same thing as you. I guess it's just so much harder to do than I think it is. Thanks for your encouraging words!