The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Marketing Again

So, I'm standing, sitting, standing, sitting, and standing here at the market. It's crazy, I'm so tired from waking up early all week long, I know I shouldn't be complaining when there are far worse situations, but this is what I'm use to so I complain about things that are big to me, it's nature to do that. Plus I'm hungry and missing the BF. I want to tell him about my dream that I had last night at my sister's new apartment. For some reason I was so tired and my body felt super heavy, it was difficult to move, maybe it's because I was so tired and the lack of sleep that I have been getting. It kind of scared me too, LOL! But I don't know I don't think it's anything abnormal. I would tell you my strange/scary dream but it's not appropriate.

Back to the market, it's cloudy and windy, not hot for those who are wearing jeans and a T, and not cold for those who are wearing shorts and a tank. The clouds are dark, seems like it might rain on us, which I hope will not happen, my feet will be wet and so will my pants. Then I'll feel cold because of the wind. Maybe God will be good to us and not make it rain, although he always is.

My mother's bouquets are so gorgeous, yet no one has even glaced twice at them, the only ones in "awww" are the humans selling anything. They come from the other side and ask my mother where she ordered them and what they're called, she's so sweet she shares it with the world and then the next summer everyone's got them too! That's how it goes down here/up here, lol (depending where you are to me). For now I will put my pen down and hlep my mother...


Ok, now it's super windy..... not good...

(so I wrote all of this on my little notepad in my purse when I was bored at the market, but it didn't rain, the weather was off and on.. hot and windy and then just hot and humid.. so strange, I hope you guys liked this little complaint whatever you call it, lol)

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