The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Apples and Photoshop

I took a few hundred pictures today of myself being weird! lol I was so bored and hungry and tired that I had to entertain myself! I'll show you guys too, so you all know what I mean. I have been getting a lot better with my photoshop skills and I am so thankful because it'll be good for my future! I have no idea to touch up photos yet, but I hear that's the easy part, since I know how to do the hard part, I'm sure I can do the easy part!!!

So I decided to take pictures of myself eating an apple, and thought it would be an even better idea if I made it look like someone gave it to me, using my own arm! I did a few times but it just didn't look so real. I was taking it on my photobooth so it can take four shots right after one another and it'll put it in a collage type thing, so I wanted to post it as my display picture but it wouldn't load all of them, it was single pictures. Of course I had to turn to photoshop, and I had to erase part of my shoulder and arm so it looks more real! LOL

It really does look like someone gave me an apple!

And if you're wondering what's on my hand (the one holding an apple) it's henna! Did it last night, not the best but I'll post pictures on that too!!!!! It looks like I'm hiding behind my huge hand, but I'm not, lol

See for yourself my photoshop skills, LOL (not even good compared to others, but good enough in my book)!

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