The Nature of ME

The Nature of ME
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crying On The Inside

I have literally had the worst experience here, well I'm sure it's not the worst but it's definitely as great as I assumed it would be. You sure do have to be a strong person to do this type of thing, and I am not. I hate how my blogs are so depressing, but I need to vent to someone/something. I'm tired of complaining to people, they don't care of they have their own problems to deal with and I just don't want to get them involved. Thank you blog! I wish I had a good friend here to speak to, tell him or her everything and have them make me feel better about it. It would be nice if they were a Kiwi, that way they can explain things to me.
Today in my Sociology of NZ tutorial class, one of the guys in my group didn't know how to spell jewelry, and everyone started to spell it differently, I was like what? That is not how you spell it. One of the girls who is a Kiwi spelled it j-e-w-e-l-l-e-r-y. The other Kiwi heard how I spelled it and said, it must be an American thing (the way I spelled it).
Besides that, everything seems to be depressing me. It would be nice that if I was depressed I wouldn't eat, that way I can lose weight faster! I get depressed kind of a lot, but I don't tell anyone because what's the use of that? There's no point in telling someone how I feel when they have their own problems and they don't care and I don't really even want to talk about it.
I have God by my side. I keep thinking that and I'll be ok. Soon I will be home and everything will be better. I wish I wasn't so stupid, everything in class, I just seem to not understand, or I get it all wrong and turn in work that is useless. I do have a learning disability, what is it? STUPIDITY. I have no idea how I got this far.
My professor replied with a sterness saying that my excuse for turning in html on a Mac is not good enough and he's not going to mark my work. He still wanted me to send what I had and then he P.S.'d and said haven't you been attending lectures and tutorials? WTF? Hell yeah I have, I paid for this crap, of course I'm going to attend, and I came here to learn, not drink like other stupid people.
I'm being mean. I need to go yoga myself back into calmness.....

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